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Our Company

Bonadea Gardens® is committed to providing our valued dealers with interesting, effective and profitable products.

We’re a 2nd generation gardening family who has been finding unique and innovative ways to improve gardening since 1957. And just as gardens grow and flourish over time, so too have our products and services.

As most gardeners know, it takes a lot of thought and planning to create a beautiful, high yielding garden. At Bonadea Gardens®, we are constantly researching and sourcing products to help gardeners achieve this goal.

Kozy Coats® enable earlier harvesting of heat-loving plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and melons. They effectively guard these precious plants against the cool weather and frost, thereby extending their growing season.

For exceptional growth in gardens, Sea Magic® seaweed is essential. Use it for great results on virtually everything in a home garden. Flowers, vegetables, strawberries, fruit trees and shrubs, lawns, seedlings and houseplants all benefit from nutrients found in Sea Magic® seaweed.

For healthier, more vibrant plants with higher yields, look no further than our Tomato Mulch, which promotes the growth-promoting red spectrum of sunlight onto plants.

Blooming Bags are an interesting and decorative alternative to hanging baskets and wall pots.

And to eliminate pesky weeds in gardens, landscape beds, or under decks, brick patios or sidewalks, our easy to install Professional Landscape Fabric or Ground Cover offers all the necessary protection. The woven fabric allows plants to benefit from air and water while inhibiting weed growth.

At Bonadea Gardens®, we’ve worked hard to provide products that make the gardening experience a true enjoyment. Take the time to view our assortment of products, all designed to aid in the quest for a gorgeous, bountiful, and long-lasting garden.

Bonadea Gardens®. Providing “BETTER WAYS TO GROW.”

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