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Prepare tomato beds now!

Do you want your earliest, best tomatoes? Prepare your tomato beds in the fall!

Double-dig, even triple-dig your tomato-growing area, adding compost, sand or perlite (to lighten heavier soils and give your roots lots of air next spring), manure, sea-weed, etc. What happens is: When you add all this good stuff now, you start into motion all that important microbial action that continues well into winter (or even right through the winter in milder areas or areas with lots of snowfall). So when you plant your tomatoes in the spring, you'll even hear faint singing from your tomato roots as you ease them into a wonderfully nutritious mix that they can hardly wait to send more roots through. Mmmm!

And, of course, when you prepare your tomato beds in the fall, you're all ready to get your tomato plants into the ground earlier than ever in the spring. About six weeks before your last frost date in the spring, put your water-filled KOZY-COATS over your prepared area to warm up the soil and plant your tomato seedlings 10 days later.

In most areas (except extreme northern latitudes), you should be picking ripe tomatoes BEFORE SUMMER BEGINS! Look for our offer of free seeds for an exceptionally early tomato when you buy or order KOZY-COATS. This is our favorite very-early tomato (called Glacier) because it also has a delicious, mid-season tomato taste!

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