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Enjoy a full season of blossoms,
to brighten your entire yard!

Whether it's strawberries, herbs, or flowers, Blooming Bags are the secret to enjoying full blossoming plants, for the whole growing season. Ideal for hanging anywhere outdoors, around the home.

Blooming Bags Packaging

Use Bonadea Gardens®' Blooming Bags for better ways to grow.

Ask your retailer for Blooming Bags and decorate your yard with color.

  • Available in optional single pouch or twin pouch with deluxe rope handles.

Pouch Benefits

  • Made from a UV-stabilized material, to last for years.

  • Quick and easy to hang

Directions for Use

Blooming Bags Step 1 Mix a slow-release fertilizer with soilless mix or light soil. Fill evenly with the mixture.
Blooming Bags Step 2 Cut along the dotted lines if necessary and tuck the resulting flap of plastic into the pouch. Push your hand-picked seedlings into the holes.
Blooming Bags Step 3 Hang anywhere (see our creative ideas), water, and watch your plant blossom. When the Blooming Bag has fully blossomed, dunk the whole bag into a tub or barrel.

Creative Ideas

Blooming Bags Creative Ideas

Tips for Use

For successful and full blossoms in shaded or partially shaded areas, plants impatiens, begonias, pansies, browallia, lobella, or mimulus (monkey flower). For sun drenched areas try dwarf marigolds, herbs, protulaca, verbena, alyssum, or strawberries. Experiment and you may be pleasantly surprised with the colourful results!

Utilize Blooming Bags all year, even in the cold winter months.

Hang your Blooming Bag indoors, with dry soil and artificial flowers. Then you can enjoy the full blooms all year round.

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