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Get a great head start to
the gardening season!

Use Bonadea Gardens®' Bonus Pack. Each pack includes 3 Kozy Coats®, 1 package of High-Yield Tomato Mulch and a free 30g package of Sea Magic®.

Bonus Pack Package

You'll always find better ways to grow with Bonadea Gardens®.
Ask for a Bonus Pack today!

  • Kozy Coats®
    Package of 3


    25' x 18"

  • PLUS:
    The FREE 30g Sea Magic®

Kozy Coats®

Reusable water filled teepees store heat during the day, and protect your plants at night. Be the first one to pick vegetables this year by using Kozy Coats® to guard your tender plants against the outdoor elements and extending their growing season.


Bonadea Gardens®' High-Yield Tomato Mulch helps you grow plants that are healthier, more vibrant and sure to yield more of the crops you love (up to 26% more tomatoes in tests) by providing an added dose of the natural nutrients your plants crave!

Sea Magic®

Adding seaweed to your current fertilizing program may be the most important thing you have ever done for your home garden and houseplants.

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