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Start Your Plants The Way Professionals Do!

Bonadea Gardens' Professional Seed Starter Greenhouse Kit includes everything you need to get an early start on the growing season. Plant your own seeds and seedlings at home and you will be the first one to have bountiful flower or vegetable beds this year.

It's the perfect set-up to start growing early, and it's easy to use. Simply fill the insert cells with soil and place them in the "no hole" base tray. Then plant your seeds or seedlings, cover the tray with the reusable clear plastic dome to create the ideal humidity level, and watch them grow. Once your seedlings are well rooted, simply pop the individual plants from the container, and they're ready for replanting.

Professional Seed Starter Greenhouse Kits

Kit Features

  • 'No Hole' Tray

  • Planting Insert and Clear Dome

  • Tray and Planting Insert made from recycled plastic.

Professional Seed Starter Greenhouse Kit Codes:

  • 32 Cell - SG32
  • 48 Cell - SG48
  • 72 Cell - SG72




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