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Ground Cover PackagingGuards against weeds, lets air and water in!

Whether it's used in your landscape beds, garden, under your deck, brick patio or sidewalk, Ground Cover is the secret to enjoying weedless gardens each and every year.

The 3oz. woven fabric allows for air and water to come in while protecting against unwanted weeds. Clearly marked planting strips on each roll of Ground Cover keeps your planting straight and aligned. Enjoy a weed free season by using Ground Cover to guard your landscapes against those troublesome weeds.

You'll always find better ways to grow with Bonadea Gardens®.

Ask your retailer for Ground Cover from Bonadea Gardens® and start guarding against these troublesome weeds today.

  • 3ft rolls are available in 50ft & 100ft lengths.

Directions for Use

Ground Cover Step 1 Remove all weeds from desired area.
Ground Cover Step 2 Unroll fabric, cut to desired length, and fit around plants. Hold down with Landscape Staples.
Ground Cover Step 3 Cover with 3-4 inches of mulch, stone or bark.

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