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You may have finished planting your garden and containers, but that really doesn't mean you're finished, does it? There's always room for another container. And, now that the planting pressure is off, you can toy around with new ideas and new combinations.

You can poke around the nurseries even considering using house plants outside. Why not?

Or consider planting perennials and annuals and house plants and pea seeds and leftover bulbs in a container.

What unusual combinations can you come up with? Perhaps digging out a plant here and there from your garden and adding it to the container, or getting an extra plant from friends or neighbours and poking it in.

Add something scented or an herb with aromatic leaves (lemon thyme?).

Look for unusual containers at garage and yard sales or along a beach (hollowed-out logs, driftwood, etc.)

And containers don't have to be placed on a patio or steps or deck. They can simply be plunked in a "hole" in the garden or in a place where the perennials have stopped flowering and are dying back.

This fussing is one of the true pleasures of gardening. Enjoy!

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