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Earlier tomatoes with KOZY-COATS


Sure, we manufacture and market KOZY-COATS, those water-filled mini-greenhouses that give gardeners their earliest-ever tomatoes. So obviously we're going to promote them.

But remember this: we're gardeners first ourselves. And the only reason we went into business is because they work so well--almost unbelievably well. And we want others to have the same success as we do.

After all, almost every gardener grows tomatoes. And they can hardly wait for the first one to turn red on the vine. KOZY-COATS simply speeds all that up--by up to six weeks!

As a gardening family we can't imagine ever planting tomatoes outside "naked" again. Try KOZY-COATS (in fact, if you're really skeptical, try just one: there's a TRIAL PAK available at many stores and garden centres) and see if you don't agree.

We get many letters and photos from gardeners who have "discovered" KOZY-COATS and have also become true believers. Also, if you're trying to grow giant pumpkins or early melons, they give you a huge head start! Have fun!

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