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Ground breaking news!
Humic Acid now available!

Humate, the generic name given to soil humic substances is a natural safe material that exists at varying levels in all soils.

Humic Acid

Most soils however, are depleted and lack appropriate amounts of organic matter and biological activity that are necessary for optimal plant growth.

Extracted from a soft coal called Humalite, Humic Acid is rich in humates. Humates promote balanced fertilization and assist in getting the most out of fertilization programs by decreasing nutrient losses and enhancing nitrogen efficiency.

Humates have their own stable culture of microbes that assist in transferring and releasing nutrients that are trapped in the soil.

Humic Acid increases water holding capacity, provides carbon to the soil, reduces soil erosion, promotes growth of living cells and increases cation exchange capacity and increases seed germination. Use Humic Acid to get healthier plants, faster growth and increased yields.

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