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I hope you have your tomatoes planted outside under KOZY-COATS by now, even in the regions where your frost-free days don't come until June. Remember, KOZY-COATS are guaranteed to protect against frost to -12 degrees C or about 10 degrees F. and you're sure to get a big head-start. You should be picking ripe tomatoes by early summer.

I planted mine about the third week of April even though the normal planting time here is the last week of May. We've had a few heavy frosts and some ugly, cold rain-whipped days. But under the KOZY-COATS the tomatoes are developing their nice, healthy dark-green leaves and their roots are getting well-established.

I also sowed some pole beans under one KOZY-COAT so I can be picking Kentucky Wonder beans a few weeks earlier than usual.

Hope all of your crops and containers are doing well! Have fun experimenting with new plant combinations. And add a bit of whimsy to the garden by looking for weird statues, toys, etc. at garage sales.

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