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Fantasy petunias perfect for bags!


Our twin-pouched Black Tie blooming bags appear to be a hit with both gardeners and greenhouse growers because they don't get big, fat and round like other planting pouches (they use half the soil mix of regular bags) and they water more evenly. They fit the contours, too, of posts and tree trunks. And their black color fades into the background so you don't really "see" them. You see the plants instead.

And one of the best shows in our yard in the sun this summer is the Black Tie twin-pouch bag planted with the new milliflora Fantasy petunia "Pink Morn." Unlike other pentunias, the Fantasy series stays compact and doesn't stretch, making them a perfect candidate for bags and containers.

Mom planted up one of our Tower o'flowers with Pink Morn and topped it with a Purple Wave petunia. It's truly breathtaking. The Pink Morn is beautiful enough. But the Purple Wave petunias kind of wind their way through the Pink Morn, creating a truly spectacular effect. Mom has a way with coming up with these neat combinations.

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