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Feed the Waves


By far the most popular petunia to come along is the "wave" series, the profuse trailing petunia this is excellent for hanging baskets, window boxes or ground cover.

But you must know this: To perform its best, it demands continual feeding with a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen--a fertilizer such as 28-14-14. It doesn't have to be these exact numbers. Just be sure the fertilizer has a higher first number.

Feeding half-strength fertilizer every time you water your containers will do just fine. Otherwise, the foliage will start to turn yellow and the flowers will decline.

By the way, there are two new introductions this spring to the wave series: lilac mist (which I love after doing a sneak-peak planting last summer) and rose wave. That's in addition to the ever-popular purple wave and pink wave.

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